Indoor Elements

Our Story

The Story of Indoor Elements Mechanical (Formerly G&L Heating and Cooling)

Gord and Lena Buechner, the owners of Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd, formerly G&L Heating and Cooling, started their company in 1991 and incorporated their business in 1996. Both Gord and Lena were born and raised in the Grande Prairie area. What started as a husband and wife team with Gord handling the tools and Lena taking care of the books, has flourished into a vibrant growing business.

Business Performance

Over the years, and even during the recent economic downturn, this business has seen steady growth in their customer base and financial stability, which in turn has allowed the company to purchase two commercial properties in Grande Prairie Industrial Park. Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. proudly calls one of these 5,200 square foot locations home.

Strength of Management

A major part of the success of Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. is due to Gord’s management style. He has strong people skills has strong values when dealing with his clients, his employees, and the products he sells. Gord is the type of manager who would never ask an employee to do something that he wouldn’t do himself. Gord has a high standard of personal work ethic, pays attention to detail and expects the same from his employees. Underlying this is a pride in the level of service Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. gives to its customers. In his own words” We are here to build a reputation not rest on one!”

Community Involvement

Gord and Lena have never forgotten their roots, and as a result, Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. continues to give back to their community. They have regularly sponsored local sports teams and organizations over the years, including; the GPRC Wolves, Pee Wee B Hockey, GP Mixed volleyball, GP Jeddar Oilfield Cougars Baseball, St. Joseph’s High School sports, GP Ladies Soccer, Grande Spirit Foundation’s Seniors Picnic, STARS, the local chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society, St. Joseph’s Church and their Youth Mission Team. They are also active members of the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce.

Future Planning Ability

Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd.’s new location has made it possible to create a showroom to showcase all its products and services better. The strengthens their ability to provide a top quality product and high level of service to their valued customers

Human Resource Practices

Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. makes the health and safety of their staff a priority. They have been COR (Certificate of Recognition from the Partnerships in Health and Safety Program) certified since 2006 and have daily safety meetings, which results in them maintaining a high standard with regard to job site and shop safety. They support and encourage their staff to develop skills through their apprenticeship program. Further support is in daily briefs to ensure a complete understanding on all current jobs, monthly staff meetings and annual team building events,. Gord acts as a mentor to his staff; once Gord places his trust in an employee, customers can do the same! Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. is proud of the fact that they have long-term employees and strive to make the workplace enjoyable in every way; every day!

Integrity and Consistency

As mentioned above, one of the reasons Indoor Elements Mechanical Ltd. has been successful is due to the values that the owners have instilled in their company. They work hard to do the right thing when it comes to their customers and their employees. They take a “customer comes first” approach in every decision. And to ensure complete satisfaction they provide planned services contracts and 24-hour emergency service.