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Equipment Service Agreement

What is an Equipment Service Agreement?

An Equipment Service Agreement is a program of pre-scheduled maintenance calls for your HVAC or Plumbing equipment based on a contract between Indoor Elements Mechanical and you, our valued customer. Pre-Scheduling an HVAC and Plumbing maintenance tune-up to suit your needs simply saves you money and energy when you need it!

Benefits of an Equipment Service Agreement

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your HVAC and Plumbing equipment has been serviced and maintained by a professional certified technician on a regular basis will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your “Indoor Elements” are reliable and efficient. Routine service protects your investment and ensures a safer system!

Priority Response Time

Priority Response means when you call, your needs come first. Being an Equipment Service Agreement holder, you will be given priority service year round, whenever you need it.

Instant 10% Parts Discount

You will receive 10% off parts required for equipment listed in your “Equipment Services Agreement”.

Extended Regular Hours – No Overtime Service Rates

If you get home after 5pm or on a weekend and find your Heating Cooling or Plumbing system is not working you can call without worrying about paying our overtime rates.

How can you become an Equipment Services Agreement Holder?

Indoor Elements Mechanical can schedule an Equipment Service for your HVAC and/or Plumbing Equipment before peak energy usage seasons. Helping you save on unexpected repair costs while making sure that your Heating, Cooling and Plumbing runs smoothly.

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