Indoor Elements

Is Air Conditioning practical in our climate, and how often would I use it?

It is a myth that air conditioning is not required in our climate. In the summer months, we have sun from 5 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. which can cause our homes to heat up to over 25 degrees or hotter with a reasonably high relative humidity. Many people find it difficult to sleep! People open windows or use fans to try and cool down, which can cause security concerns or allergy issues. Another alternative people try is sleeping in their basement which stays cooler, but why be forced out of the comfort of your own bed!

Air conditioning is generally turned on in mid-May in our climate. Once turned on the air conditioning will run as required to keep you comfortable, controlling not only the temperature of your home but the humidity as well.  Generally the air conditioning is used until mid-September, at which time we recommend disconnecting the power to the condenser for the winter months.